Celebrate Success of Community Project
2013-10-17 00:00:00

Whatever the type of project you are involved in it is important to celebrate, at least once a year, the success your project has achieved during a year.

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The success should involve the community or people the project has been targeting, as well as the people presenting the project.

One of the projects I'm involved in, is Thandulwazi Rokunda Teacher and Leader Development Programme. The last session each year celebrates the success of the workshops that the teachers and leaders have attended during the year. We conduct workshops on eleven Saturdays a year, and this year we had more than 1000 teachers and school leaders who attended the workshops. The teacher workshop topics relate to Mathematics, Science and Literacy, as well as aspects of schools such as classroom management, teaching strategies and the use of different technologies.

The leadership workshops included various aspects of leadership, such as types of leadership, strategic planning, developing a nurturing school and management skills.

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The last session of every year includes a company display day where various educational companies are invited to share their products and ideas with the teachers and school leaders. The relevance of this is to make the teachers and school leaders aware of products that are available for them to use in their schools or classrooms, to enhance their teaching and their students' learning.

The day also includes a Closing Ceremony, were a guest speaker is invited to motivate the teachers and leaders. Celebrating the teachers successes and emphasizing the importance of teachers in society. This is important as teachers are knocked all the time in media for various reasons, and

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not all teachers are not committed and don't care, so we need to celebrate the role of teachers and thank the teachers and school leaders who are working effectively for what they are doing for the children they teach.

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We celebrate the successes of how the teachers and leaders have used workshop ideas and developed their teaching skills further, impacting their students' learning positively. The teachers and leaders share ideas, and provide photographs and physical evidence of how the workshops have benefitted their students and schools.

Celebrate the successes of your various projects!

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