We often are told to use critical thinking questions when teaching and assessing. Included are practical ideas of how to incorporate the different categories of questioning into your everyday teaching.
Teach the children you work with about internet and online safety if you are using the web in your lessons. Here are some general tips and ideas.
Much preparation and planning had gone ahead of first day for the Teacher and Leader Development Programme workshops for 2013
Playing is an essential part of growing up, children need to play to develop emotional maturity and social, intellectual and physical competences and life-skills. We learn through play!
The classroom environment should be a stimulating and engaging space for the children to work in. During the year, the room%u2019s information would be changed regularly to suit what is being taught!
The response system technology is often sold to teachers as an assessment tool I really like to use it as a teaching and learning tool, asking learners questions throughout the lesson. The advantage is you, as the teacher, know if your children are understanding what you are saying as you progress through the lesson.