The first week of the school year is where the teacher, sets the boundaries and the children begin to get to know you and you get to know them. For teaching to be effective and successful a relationship of trust and care needs to be developed with the children.
Keeping creativity, curiosity and interest alive in every child, should be an area each teacher is aware of. Set-up short problem solving tasks.
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Re-Imagine Education: teachers, principals, learners. All working together. All accountable!
Playing is an essential part of growing up, children need to play to develop emotional maturity and social, intellectual and physical competences and life-skills. We learn through play!
The classroom environment should be a stimulating and engaging space for the children to work in. During the year, the room%u2019s information would be changed regularly to suit what is being taught!
This is my new blog and as a teacher I thought I would begin by sharing an idea that I think is important to our profession. The school year is still new, consider; what type of model you will provide for the learners you teach? We expect the learners to be polite, considerate and responsible, as the teacher, we should set the same example.