One way of role-modelling caring behavior towards others is doing a community project with the children, or encouraging children to do community service. Each school; no matter how big or small, wealthy or poor; can teach their students to care for others in the community. The outreach activities do not have be big projects. Start with a small community service activity, encouraging the children you teach to care for others.
We need to teach our children about the little creatures in the garden, encouraging the children to respect them, and discouraging them from hurting or killing these innocent creatures. As a teacher, this is a wonderful teaching opportunity. The children could be encouraged and motivated to create an indigenous, bird filled, insect and creature friendly environment at school. The enthusiasm may spread to their homes, where they may create their own gardens.
Technology is constantly changing, and the children we teach, socialize and interact using technology in their everyday lives. When using technology in the classroom make sure it works!
How do you inspire your children to be creative when you teach? Our schools often restrict or hamper creativity among the children, we want them to sit down, be quiet and work! When do we allow them to learn through play and exploration? What is your classroom like, do the children want to come into your teaching space?
This is my new blog and as a teacher I thought I would begin by sharing an idea that I think is important to our profession. The school year is still new, consider; what type of model you will provide for the learners you teach? We expect the learners to be polite, considerate and responsible, as the teacher, we should set the same example.