Educational Change #EvolveSchool

Whole School Educational Change Action

The world is changing! If the learners at your school are being tuaght the way you where taught, things need to change!

I offer a service to facilitate the Whole School Action to drive the process of Successful Educational Change

  • Assisting in clarifying the Vision ~ Audit: where is your school at?, where does your school want to be?
  • Motivation for Change ~ Teachers, Learners and Parents
  • Advice with regards to Resources
  • Up-Skilling ~ Staff Professional Development
  • Action Plan ~ way forward (short, medium and long tem goals)

Customised plan, workshops and presentations to suit your school's needs. If interested please contact me for further details.

Workshops and Presentations

Workshops and presentations for teaching staff, governing bodies, students and parents.

Academic Teacher Training Workshops

Academic presentations are designed in consultation with each school to suit your needs and requirements. Motivating and practical half-day or full day workshops.

  • Should girls and boys be taught differently? Gender in Education. When teaching should we consider the gender of the child. How can understand individual learners better.
  • New brain studies in neuroscience and how they can be translated into the classroom.
  • "Teaching with Soul" giving teachers the tools to find their spark again in teaching, to help teachers remember why they went into teaching in the first place.
  • "The child I teach" this workshop focuses on the child as a whole, reminding teachers to consider the individual needs to the child. Giving tips on how to teach while stimulating the various senses, and building on strengths on each child, incorporates. Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences, and learning styles.
  • "Encouraging thinking" this workshop focuses how to look at ones own teaching practices, and ask are the children thinking creatively and critically in my classroom? Tips and ideas on how to encourage thinking, questioning techniques,
  • "The creative space within your school" suggestions on what this means, is it a physical space or a mental space. Practical tips and ideas for teachers.
  • The whole child - head, heart and mind, when teaching we need to remember the child is a whole being and not just focus on the academic needs.
  • The child who disturbs your lessons, how to cope with children who are easily distracted, can't sit still? Tips and ideas of how to make school enjoyable for these children. Toys, water, labyrinth, maze
  • Interpreting and understanding the CAPS documents. Emphasizing a constructivist approach in teaching.
  • Teaching & learning as a whole:

    • Why is feedback so important?
    • The environment of the classroom (Classroom Management)
    • Teaching as a whole - its what and how I teach!
    • Engaging all learners
    • Contemporary Teaching and Learning Principles
    • Practical lesson ~Planning & administration
    • Assessment design and implementation
    • E-learning integration
    • M-learning integration
    • Engaging all learners
    • Independent and collaborative learning
    • Teaching strategies

Student Workshops

  • Coping with others - let's stop bullying.
  • "Listen to the story" interactive discussions and games where children engage with others, and try to come to grips with the situations of others. To develop tolerance and understanding
  • "Tell the story" - building relationships, listening to each other
  • Interactive workshop encouraging learners to work understand each other and work together.
  • E-learning and internet safety

Changing your school space - building new classes? I work one on one with you and the your school staff in discussing the altering or changing of teaching spaces to suit teaching styles or learner needs. Advice to your school about making learning spaces effective and functional

Such as:

  • Area or rooms function and purpose
  • Space to be used - optimization
  • Resource or equipment requirements
  • Storage of materials and products
  • Budgeting

If interested please contact me for further details.