Community Involvement

Any school no matter how big or small could get involved in community projects. These projects could range from teaching children to care for the elderly or very young in the local community, to partnering with other schools and sharing teaching ideas and providing some assistance, to offering teacher or student workshops on weekend, afternoons or evening for visiting and invited teachers or students. I will provide you with ideas on how to structure your outreach project to suit the needs of your school.

Staff, Governing Body or Parent Outreach Workshops

  • Why your school should be involved in an outreach programme?
  • Should the children be involved in community service projects? What options are there?
  • Should teacher be involved in community service projects? How can teachers be involved?
  • Starting an outreach project, where to begin?

    • Provide school with suggestion on how outreach for teachers could be developed including school-site consultation, education, and other assistance.
    • Participate in establishing training programme, co-ordination meetings and site functions.
    • Assist school outreach leader, including: programme, communication, organisation on the day itself, skills being offered
    • Provide assistance in how to advertise the programme to the public regarding the programme to about the topics to target-group schools and community groups.
    • Provide teacher leader support.
    • Coordinate with other professionals in developing innovative school programs and in maximizing school / community resources to benefit outreach teachers and their learner populations.
    • Other related duties as assigned.
  • Improving our existing outreach project, what could we do?

Student workshop

  • Why is community service important to me?

If you would like me to assist your school in developing an outreach programme, contact me.

I presently co-ordinate the Thandulwazi Rokunda Teacher Development Programme at St Stithians College, Randburg & the Thandulwazi Limpopo Teacher Development Pilot-Project at The Futture Comprehensive School, Veeplaats, Limpopo. Link to www.Thandulwazi.com