Change happens when teachers see the benefit. Educational technology should be a key driver of change within an educational organistation, by empowering teachers to grow and change within this fluid, ever changing environment - I will advise and assist your school, staff and parents in e-learning practices and concepts, to enhance learning for your students.

Teacher Workshops:

  • IT in your school, overcoming the teachers' fear, and making teaching effective in a 21st century learning environment
  • IT in the classroom "shift happens", lessons ideas and possibilities using technology to enhance teaching and learning
  • The modern classroom, using different electronic devices and technologies to suit different needs - computers, tablets, response systems, management learning systems, etc. Making learning appropriate and fun!
  • Using the internet to make school fun
  • How to integrate IT into our everyday curriculum
  • Using social media as part of teaching - practical tips and ideas
  • Internet safety and the importance thereof
  • Cyber-bullying - how to assist

Student workshops:

  • "Internet safety and the importance thereof"
  • Cyber-bullying - how to assist

Parent workshops:

  • "Internet safety and the importance thereof"
  • Cyber-bullying - tips and ideas

If you would like me to work with your staff, learners or parents with regards to Educational Technology (IT, computers, e-learning, m-learning), please contact me

Technology Education - Maker Spaces (Design & Technology)

The world around us is constantly changing; the subject Technology creates awareness among the students of the real world, allowing them to develop problem solving skills and basic knowledge of structures, mechanical systems and electrical systems. Let's Design & Make...

The workshops could be one off workshops in areas of need or a series working through the knowledge areas within the technology curriculum.

The intermediate Phase is a link between Natural Science and Technology
While the Senior Phase workshops are Technology only.

Teacher Workshops:

  • What is Technology? A brief overview of what is Technology & teaching through the Design Process
  • Structures: Frame & Shell Structures
  • Mechanical systems: Pulleys & belt-drives, Gears, Cams & Cranks, Hydraulics, Levers, Wheels & Axles
  • Electrical Systems: Basic electricity and electronics
  • Materials and Uses
  • Impact of technology on society and environment
  • Systems: Hydraulics
  • Graphic skills - free hand drawing, oblique, isometric
  • Engineering, responsible engineering, the way of the future

Student workshops:

  • Technology - hands-on, practical workshops about specific knowledge areas, e.g. hydraulics

Parent workshops:

  • "Family Fun" Problem solving evenings. Getting families to solve a problem together, building relationships and informing them about the subject Technology.

Advice to your school when constructing / altering IT or Technology learning spaces
Such as:

  • What to consider when setting up a technology classroom or area in your school?
  • Role of the head of the school and staff members
  • Budgeting
  • Available space
  • Areas of technology to be taught
  • Tools and equipment requirements
  • Storage of materials and products
  • Security

If you would like me to work with your staff, learners or parents with regards to Technology Education (D&T), please contact me