Learning Spaces

Every space we teach in is a Learning Space.

Think about any environment and venue as a learning space, both inside and outside the classroom.

How are your classroom, your teaching space inspiring learning?

Develop spaces where your learners would want to explore, learn and work in!


Re-purpose venues - Many schools have 'Technology Workshops' or 'Design and Technology' rooms, with a range of hand-tools and machine tools. These are often large classroom, with large desk-space, storage and research areas,

Convert these rooms into modern MakerSpaces, where learners can be explosed to programming (coding), robotics, app development, augmented reality and virtual reality, and other digital tools, such as 3D printers and laser-cutters.

School and Teacher Workshops

  • Designing MakerSpaces to suit your school

  • Every space is a teaching space

  • How to transform my classroom in a cost effective manner?

  • Teaching outside my classroom

  • Workshop on how to transform an existing classroom cost-effectively

Outside Environment as a Learning Space

The world we live in needs to be respected and cared for. As teachers we need to teach our children how to do this responsibly.

The technology we use and how we use it impacts on our environment. We need to teach our children to use technology responsibly, taking care of the environment they live in

Teacher Workshops

  • My world is dying, what can I do? An ethical focus with practical, meaningful tips and tasks to do with the learners to encourage them to take an interest in nature conservation and global warming.
  • Setting up a vegetable garden - tips and tricks
  • How to get recycling working at your school
  • The litter problem - how to get children to take responsibility
  • Energy audits and energy saving
  • The nature around us - what about local bird life and local little creatures. How do we attract birds and insects into our school gardens? How do we make our school gardens learning spaces?

If you would like me to work with your school about creating inspiring Learning Spaces please contact me.