Think about any space as a Learning Space, both inside and outside the classroom. Transform existing classrooms into 21st century learning and makerspaces, introduce learners to robotics, 3D printing, laser cutting and so much more.
Schools have existed for a long time, but they need to evolve! We need an education revolution to address the fast pace of change and to prepare our children for the new world ahead.
Learners are learning differently, collaboratively, the arrangemnets of our classrooms need to be evaluated, create learning spaces using uncommon and perhaps unusual furniture
Using various colours in a classroom reduces passivity and boredom. So your classroom should incorporate a variety of colours to reduce monotony and visually invigorate learners. Consider the age and gender of your learners, as well as the subject and activity, when selecting the colours.
I was privileged to have met Pres. Nelson Mandela in person. On the 7th May 1996 I graduated from ORT-STEP Institute as one of the first group Technology Education teachers in South Africa. Rest in peace, Ntate, Pres. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela!
Teachers are expected to create valid, reliable and credible assessments. Whole school planning is valuable.
At the end of a sports season when children have grown out of their sports kit, what do parents do with the old kit? Could we use this equipment to share with others?